VibeTennis Apparel was birthed out of a deeper passion for tennis, art,
music and good ‘ole positive island vibrations. It has fully built a stronger
connection in between tennis and humans, using music and art as
accompaniments. Long ago, the fans cheered the players and one could
sense an unbalanced level of excitement; Vibetennis’ presence has
brought harmony and some flair to the pitch, yet, not leaving out focus.
Vibetennis Apparel launched late summer in 2016 in New York City and
has been moving forward ever since—breaking bounds and exploring new
opportunities that come our way. Vibetennis Apparel does not relent, there
is always new challenges and new mountains to climb, and the vibe have
always kept the company going.

So far, VibeTennis Apparel’s concept has been a movement that lends itself
to tennis players and non-tennis players alike, catering to both. This has
prompted the company to always keep its audience in mind. Founder,
Richard Henry, a musician, tennis player and entrepreneur is extremely
excited of the brands growth and sees a bright future. Our brand has been
featured in Long Island Tennis Magazine, and been worn by ambassadors
in France, Hawaii, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Italy, Canada and all over the
United States.